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Air freight structure and composition
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Air a lot of people do you know specifically how airlines price accounting air out of it? A brief introduction, we want to help. Air price consists of: (I had helped myself another id sent to)
1.Airfreight freight (airlines charge)
2.Fuel sur charge fuel surcharge (based on the airport, the purpose of different price points, Hong Kong is generally the first four or so, before 3.6, 4.8 last year, the highest, the price adjustment from the airport, usually to Asia is 2 blocks)
3. security fee (Hong Kong received a / kg fixed costs)
4. Airport operating costs (Hong Kong HKD283 / tickets, the airport is responsible for freight on aircraft, etc.) 5. termination fee: 1.72/kg time when the goods to the dealer, the dealer is responsible for such things as playing board, and ultimately charged by the airport)
6. Air Master single charge: HKD15/bl is the cost of the bill of lading --- document of title.
Described above account for the large cost of the composition of the airlines, mainly the Hong Kong airport. Because the free trade port of Hong Kong as a large, and the Hong Kong Airport is the world's largest airport, less restrictive, a wide range of cargo aircraft and more, the existing 78 airlines. More than 100 daily flights, accommodation and services in ensuring the case may be preferred. But cost is generally about 2 higher than the domestic Oh!

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