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Advantages of air transport
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Air transport is often seen as the use of other modes of transport can not, the emergency services for the insurance of a great way. It is fast and timely, expensive, but for the commitment to the global market, vendors, inventory and customer service when considering the issue, the cost of air transport may be the most economical mode of transport. The main advantages are:

   high-speed direct access to less sexual because of the air by natural geographical conditions, the general route to take the shortest distance between two points.
   High-performance security with the scientific and technological progress, continuous technological innovation in the aircraft, to enhance safety, accident rate, the lower the premium rate accordingly.
   Economic good, long service life. Packaging requirements low, because the stability of air navigation and automatic landing system for reducing the rate of the goods, so to reduce packaging requirements.
   But also to avoid loss or damage of goods after the clear advantage there. 
   Inventory levels low.
   Remain competitive and expand market

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